Henri Jennings Death: Man shot and killed by homeowner; Woman charged with murder

Henri Jennings Death – Cause of Death: Man shot and killed by homeowner; Woman charged with murder.

According to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, a woman is now charged with murder after a man was shot and killed by a homeowner in Lincoln Heights last week.

Police were called to a complaint of a shooting about 9:20 p.m. on September 19 in the 900 block of Chamberlain Avenue, report says.

According to the police, a homeowner was watching TV when someone broke in without his consent. According to the sheriff’s office, the homeowner shot the guy many times out of concern for his life. Henri Jennings, who was the victim, was 48 years old, and he passed away there.

Court records state that Ebony Stenson, 39, and Jennings got into a violent altercation in a car during which Stenson slashed Jennings’ neck with a box cutter.

According to the documents, after the argument, Jennings got out of the car and ran up to a house on Chamberlain Avenue. There, he forced his way inside and got into a physical altercation with the homeowner, who then shot Jennings three times.






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