Jude Calley Obituary News: U-8 Austin Raptors baseball player declared “legally dead” following crash near Hays County

UPDATE: Family of 7-year-old Jude Calley, on Friday, December 9, announced the boy has been declared “legally dead.”

“We are truly grateful to have the prayers, love and support of thousands. It has lifted us up and carried us through the most horrific and excruciating time of our lives. Through all the texts, messages and posts I see glimpses of Heaven on Earth and It has meant more than words can even describe,” Mary Grace Calley announced via a social media post.

“I feel it is time for an update.”

“Jude’s has been declared legally dead, as his brain has not received any blood or oxygen for days. The doctors and nurses truly did everything they could to save him, but the initial impact and trauma from the accident caused irreversible damage,” Mary wrote.

Jude Calley Car Accident: U-8 Austin Raptors baseball player fighting for life following crash near Hays County.

7-year-old Jude Calley and his father were in a tragic roll-over crash on FM 1626 near Hays County after the Grinch tournament last Sunday.

Jude was STAR Flight transported to Dell Children’s Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

“He’s a huge baseball player and this is just so unbelievably heartbreaking for OUR WHOLE community,” a social media post read.

The baseball community is rallying behind Jude.

The outpouring of love and support from the community is nothing short of a miracle. The way that people have come together in love and prayer for Jude gives us a glimpse of Heaven on Earth.

Please know that your support is comforting to us and is giving us the strength to deal with this impossible tragedy. We know Jude feels your love.

Thank you to the central Texas baseball community, the church of Jesus, friends, family and our Austin neighbors for praying for a miracle for Jude.






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