Tshala Muana Death: Karibou Yangu Singer Tshala Muana Est Morte

Tshala Muana Obituary: At the age of 64, the famous Congolese musician known for Karibu Yangu has been confirmed deceased. In a touching obituary he wrote for her, her husband Claude Mashala said she passed away in the early hours of the morning.

“In the wee hours of this morning, the good Lord has decided to take over the national mamu. Plant a child May the good God be glorified for all the good times she has put us on this earth. Goodbye, my Mamu.”

Tshala Muana was a famous singer and dancer from Congo-Kinshasa. Nicknamed “Mamu National,” Muana is widely considered the “Queen of Mutuashi,” a traditional dance music form from her native Kasai region. 

Starting her entertainment career as a dancer for the music band Tsheke Tsheke Love in 1977, she later turned to sing.

Muana is best known for songs like Karibu YanguTshibolaLekela Muadi, and Malu. Her music has also been featured in the soundtrack of Congolese musical films La Vie est Belle and Aya of Yop City.

Muana had been in a Kinshasa hospital for a week. She had reportedly succumbed to respiratory complications. On Saturday, the country’s largest news site, 7sur7, noted that the music artist’s body was taken to the Cinquantenaire Hospital morgue.

In June 2020, there were rumors that Muana had died when she was hospitalized after suffering a stroke. But the news was false.

However, we were not lucky this time. Born on May 13, 1958, Muana was 64 at death.







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