Cora, Dawson and Callan Clancy Daughter of Lindsay Clancy Reportedly Burnt to Death in Duxbury

Cora Clancy, 5, and Dawson Clancy, 3, a third child, 8-month-old Callan Clancy were reportedly dead after a fire accident in Duxbury. The three children allegedly died in the hands of their mother Lindsay Clancy.

The children’s mother, Lindsay Clancy, jumped out of a second floor window in an apparent suicide attempt and was hospitalized. She has been charged with two counts of murder, three counts of strangulation or suffocation and three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

The children were apparently strangled, according to published reports. The mother suffered a medical condition, her husband has said, but he did not specify what it was.

The Wareham Fire Department reached out to provide moral and physical support to their colleagues in the Duxbury Fire Department after they responded to the deaths of three children on Tuesday, Jan. 24.

Wareham Fire Department representatives provided station coverage so Duxbury Fire members could attend a vigil for the children on Thursday, Jan. 26. Wareham Fire Chief John Kelly, a captain and three firefighters from Engine 5 attended the vigil as well.

“Today our First Responder brothers and sisters are hurting,’’ the Department wrote on its Facebook page on Wednesday, Jan. 25. “No one ever wants to respond to a call as horrific as they did last night. Please keep the responders, dispatchers, hospital staff, and families in thoughts and prayers because they are going to need support.’’

The post was referring to the deaths of three children, allegedly at the hands of their mother.

First responders arrived at a home in Duxbury on Jan. 24 and found Cora Clancy, 5, and Dawson Clancy, 3, gravely injured. Both were pronounced dead at a nearby hospital shortly thereafter.

A third child, 8-month-old Callan Clancy, was seriously injured and died three days later.






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