Bruce E. Stephens Obituary News: In loving memory of Captain Bruce E Stephens

Bruce E. Stephens Obituary – Cause of Death: In loving memory of Captain Bruce E Stephens.

Cpt. Bruce E. Stephens, 66, was born in Pt. Dover.

He is survived by his beloved daughters Jaime and Jessie, his grandkids Reilly, Morgan and Aeden who he was very proud of. He is also survived by his last remaining sibling, his older brother Bob & Sandy and many fond nieces & nephews.

He is predeceased by his Girl’s Mom, Marion and their youngest daughter Jolie.

Bruce left school young to start work on Tug CJ Weaver as a Commercial Fishermen which he loved , until Govt Quotas were cut , then he went to work in Marine Construction as a Deckhand, then bettered himself by becoming a Tug Boat Captain of which he was quite proud.

Bruce was a very good Tug 0perator who loved working on the water in both Canada & the US, where he was married to his 2nd wife Lynne. Bruce loved his Harley’s too and could be seen taking folks for rides in his Sidecar. He was a good hearted, happy go lucky fella who, loved telling stories and jokes, whether you met him in a coffee shop or a bar.

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