Brandon Sanderson, Prolific Writer Of Fantasy, New Books Alert

Brandon Sanderson is a well-known and respected prolific fantasy writer, who made a stunning declaration to his admirers today, which could have a chief impact on fantasy and sci-fic admirers in the year 2023.

 Sanderson is the face behind famous series of fantasy novels ready in a single shared universe known as the Cosmere, declared that he had written four “extra” full-length novels over the past 2 years, using the extra time in his schedule from not traveling to conventions at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Sanderson kept these novels secret from the eyes of everyone but his family and only disclosed them to his editing and business team last year.

“Something completely different” is his 4tg novel after 3 of his novels are set in the cosmere universe of Sanderson The readers will find the whole video of the announcement in this blog. Instead of launching these novels through a traditional publisher, Sanderson declared that he was holding a Kickstarter campaign to directly sell the books to his readers and admirers along with the options for eBooks, audiobooks, or hardcover books.

Sanderson says he will release all his four books in the year 2023, in further addition to these 8 “swag boxes” that will serve as a limited-time subscription box for admirers. The Kickstarter went live in the co-occurrence with a Youtube video declaring the new novels and increased closely $4.7 million after just 3 hours.

Sanderson is a prolific writer who writes based on fantasy and sci-fi novels popularly known for completing “The Wheel of Time” series after the demise of Robert Jordan and for his own fantasy novels that display intricate and different magic systems. The majority of the books of Sanderson are set in the Cosmere, with shared underlying mythology that is slowly disclosed over the course of the releases of books.

While the majority of Cosmere books of Sanderson can be enjoyed either as standalone books or as part of the novel series, the Cosmere acts as an equal to a “cinematic universe” along with characters from one novel series sometimes popping up as minor characters in other series. The “core” series of Cosmere books is the epic-length “Stormlight Archive” series which serves to advance the main plot of the overall Cosmere fables.

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