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Who is Sherry Walker, Pilot revealed United Airlines’ unpaid leave for refusing the vaccine
On of Sherry Walker’s pilot caimed to that united Airline placed her on unpaid leave due to her refusal to be vaccinated In the United States, according to United Airlines’ statement that Airlines were giving medical or religious grants to 2,000 employees during covid vaccination. rather than workers having a choice to continue to work in a non-customer facing role.

Who isSherryWalker?
When Sherry Walker was asked to confirm the reality of the claim whether it was true or not by Daily Mail. Sherry started laughing and said, “I had like to know what job they offered me”. she also said “I am an international wide-body captain, and they wanted to offer me a job throwing bags for $12 an hour” adding that Pilots who applied for internal re-assignment had been rejected due to their vaccine status.

only those workers who refused the re-assignment were placed on unpaid leave said the pilot by the company. “we know that the best way to keep everyone as safe as we all United employees have chosen to do”. The United States already said in its statement, we have identified non-customer facing roles where accommodated employees can apply and continue working until it is safe for them to their return to their current positions”.

With this claims the Pilot Sherry Walker told Fox Business that she has been stopped from getting other jobs by the United’s non-compete contracts. United Airlines’ Pilot Walker also said that she is considered an active employee after being put on unpaid leave for not complying with the airline’s vaccine mandate in November 2021. that means that can call us back with two weeks’ notice at any given time. they can just grab us and pull us back.

“Employee on unpaid leave are denied access from withdrawing money from their retirement account, said the pilot and also stopped from taking loans against their savings because they had no verifiable income. Walker said “So Schwab, which owns our 401(k) accounts, refuses to let anyone access them. “It is so retaliatory in all directions. walker told ” Every step of the way, It is been coercive to try to force us to get that shot in the arm”.

What did Pilot insist?
she insisted that she was not anti-vaccine, but rather opposed to vaccine mandates and that she wanted the individual right to make medical decisions. she refused to be complicit in the use of fetal development for both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines

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