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What Does it take to Become an Internet Entrepreneur Blogger and internet entrepreneur ideas

What Does it take to Become an Internet Entrepreneur Blogger? If you are considering one, or perhaps several, Internet Entrepreneurial ventures, have you asked your sponsoring mentor this question? If you have you’re probably frustrated (at least you should be) and if you haven’t asked this question just yet, don’t bother. Results = Entrepreneurial Success

Here’s my reasoning.

They cannot give you an answer! At least, they shouldn’t be able to. Don’t get me wrong, asking how long it’s going to take you to succeed as an internet entrepreneur is a very legitimate question to have. The take-away here is that no one should ever be able to give you a definite time frame guaranteed for your success because your success will be directly associated with your ability to produce! How long it takes you to produce will be a matter of your personal commitment to your own growth as an entrepreneur and leader and your commitment to your business and your vision.

You Get Paid For Nothing Else!

Let’s make no mistakes. At the end of the day, we’re a business. If you want to succeed as an internet entrepreneur and get paid as an internet entrepreneur then quite frankly you are going to have to produce. What do I mean by produce? I mean, you’re going to have to close sales. In business, you get paid on nothing more than your production.

Did you know that, according to our friends at Magnetic Sponsoring, the average Internet Entrepreneur spends;

  • 15% of their time Setting up Marketing
  • 50% of their time Calling New Leads
  • 25% of their time Training; and only
  • 10% of their time Making Follow Up Calls

The sad truth about the figures above is that the only income producing activity presented is Making Follow Up Calls. Look how little time is devoted to following up with leads or prospects and collecting their decision to move forward or not. These are the very same people that wonder why it takes them so long to succeed as internet entrepreneurs.  Instead the time allocation for Production should be as follows:

  • 30% of their time Setting up Marketing
  • 10% of their time Calling New Leads
  • 10% of their time Training; and only
  • 50% of their time Making Follow Up Calls

Quite different, isn’t it? Anyone who becomes an internet entrepreneur want to run a successful and profitable business from the comfort of their home. However, many don’t allocate their time as they should and instead end up running non-profit organizations from the discomfort of their home. Sadly, they are the ones who don’t make it!

What Does it take to Become an Internet Entrepreneur Blogger

How Do You Produce?

I started this article with this quote from business philosopher Jim Rohn simply because it is my belief that the only way you can produce and succeed as an internet entrepreneur is by investing in yourself first!

Yes, you get paid on production but to produce you have to grow and develop yourself as a leader and as an entrepreneur. Nobody is born knowing how to lead, how to mentor, how to inspire or how to build a business. These are skills that are learned over time and through observation of internet entrepreneurs who are already successful.

Now, I am not saying go to school and get as many degrees as you can. There are people in this world that have more degrees than a thermometer and know little to nothing about what it takes to lead and to build a successful enterprise. What I am saying is that to succeed as an entrepreneur you will have to become a life-long learner.You have to read books, you have attend seminars, you have to mastermind with other entrepreneurs – you have to self-study!

Income seldom exceed Personal Development and succeeding as an internet entrepreneur is a process. However, the faster you start investing in yourself, the quicker you can develop yourself into a person that can lead and the faster you can get paid as an internet entrepreneur.


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