Sazi Bongwe and Lwandle Ntshangase Accepted to Study at Harvard University, Matric Results 2021

Sazi Bongwe is the head of school for St John’s College. Sazi Bongwe achieved an average of 95.9% with nine distinctions and list as one of the top student.

Sazi Bongwe is heading to Harvard University to further his studies. Bongwe not only managed to get distinctions in 9 subjects but he also obtained an average of 96 percent.

Congratulations to Lwandle Ntshangase and Sazi Bongwe of St John’s College. Lwandle Ntshangase also achieved an overall average of 91.2% and seven distinctions. He was also included in the top 1% of candidates per subject list for English and LO.

Ntshangase said he had always been interested in law and governance and that was why he applied to study at Oxford.

In Grade 10, he added, he decided he wanted to apply to the university, saying he only committed to the plan at the beginning of his matric year.

Ntshangase admitted the pandemic had a big impact on his studies.

“I really struggled to adapt to the pandemic, the first lockdown was the toughest. Online school wasn’t really something I enjoyed doing. It was really hard being engaged on the online platform.”

He said he adapted, but the anxiety around lockdowns was disruptive to learning.

He said, “I get to rest as much as those who are taking gaps years because I’ll only start school in September or October. I can relax and recharge without fully committing to a gap year.”

“I want to try something new and really build more independence. The thought behind that isn’t necessarily wanting to get away from home. I think being away and being in a space where I have to quasi-fend for myself was something that I wanted to do to build those skills faster.”

“I am looking forward to having a more dedicated set of subjects that are more my interest. Being able to specialise is something I look forward to.” He concluded.

Bongwe, on the other hand, achieved an average of 95.9% and nine distinctions in Dramatic Arts, English, History, isiZulu, Life Orientation, Mathematics, Physical Science, Advanced Programme Mathematics and Advanced Progamme English.

He was also among the top 1% candidates in Dramatic Arts, English, isiZulu, Life Orientation and Physical Sciences.

Bongwe said he was going to use the next two years to explore his options.

“I only get to decide at the end of my second year. I get to explore and do courses that are in different disciplines, which I’m excited about. My current ideas are applied Maths and Economics, otherwise government or social studies.”

Before going to Harvard, Bongwe, who was the head boy, will use the first few months of the year to work on his website – where he is trying to produce a magazine and job shadowing at New Frame as well as tutoring.

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