Who is Maddy Brum Dad? Age, Is Maddy Brum Father, Bary Brodeur in Prison? What We Know

Maddie Brum hails from Massachusetts, and she is past of the Navarro cheer team in the year 2019. Maddy Brum revealed that her father Barry Brodeur was arrested and jailed.

In an interview, on the third episode of Cheer, Maddy Brum explained why her father has not been visiting her, she said “My dad can’t leave the state of Massachusetts for legal reasons”

Maddy Brum parent are Bary Brodeur and Nicole A Otis respectively. Her father’s name is Bary Brodeur while her mum name is Nicole A Otis. Her parent has been together for more than 8 years.

Maddy was born and raised in Dracut, Massachusetts. She began cheerleading at a young age and competed for East Celebrity Elite. She spent a good part of her childhood in cheer gyms, despite the fact that her mother couldn’t afford it.

Maddy also have two sisters, Lilly, who is only four years old, and Alyssa Luna who just graduated from Middlesex Community College majoring in Human Service/Psychology.

Maddy also competes in the all-star world in addition to cheering for Navarro. Currently, she cheers for Cheer Athletics.

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