Who is Randi Chaverria? Texas Teacher Arrested For Sexual Offenses

Randi Chaverria Arrested? Who is Randi Chaverria? Texas Teacher Arrested For Sexual Offenses: Randi Chaverria, the Texas teacher of the year was reportedly arrested for sexual offenses. It was further revealed that, she was in a sexual relationship with on of her student.

Randi Chaverria is 36-years-old, teaches at Round Rock High School as family and consumer science teacher. She was accused of performing fellatio on the student in his class. However, when the school administration first received the report, she had already elected to leave. the incident was first notified to them on November 18. And, the HR called Chaverria in the morning of Tuesday, November 19, and she came in and offered her resignation.

After offering her resignation, she later took herself to Williamson County Jail, where she was charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a student. She was however released on bail.

Randi Chaverria was titled a Teacher of The year before she was arrested for sexual offenses. When she was honored for her achievements in the classroom she attributed her success to her family’s commitment to education.

The most important responsibility of a teacher, according to Chaverria, is to help mold future generations to become effective members of our community. She said that she does not teach just any subject, but instead, she educates them with the hope that they will leave the classroom thinking about ways to make a difference in their community and positively touch the lives of others.

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