Zandile Mafe Real Name? Zandile Christmas Mafe Biography, Who is Kgosi Herbet Rammu

Who is Zandile Mafe and What is His Real Name? Zandile Christmas Mafe is the talk of the town this week after he was arrested this week for his connection with the fire that ravaged parliament.

Zandile Mafe real name is Zandile Christmas Mafe. He was born in Mafikeng at Lonely Park, Oko Wemkayo. One of the reasons why many people don’t believe that Zandile is the one who burnt down the Parliament is that Zandile is just a homeless guy who walks around the streets trying to make a living. He has never been arrested before and even by the way he looks, one can tell that he is not capable of such.

Following all that, a lady by the name of Octavia Mafe made a Facebook post claiming that she’s related to Zandile Mafe and that his family has been looking for him for the past few years. She said that Zandile was her cousin and begged people to help her bring him back to his family.

“Good afternoon, guys My uncle is the guy who’s been accused of burning the parliament of Cape Town. He’s my uncle’s last born, Yaulo Tata. His name is Zandile Christmas Mafe. He was born in Mafikeng at Lonely Park, Oko Wemkayo. We’ve been searching for him for years. Please ndincedeni to pass this information to relevant people. My contact number is 0796432377. Please share this”. She posted on Facebook.

Another person with the name, Deskie Horst also state that his real name is Kgosi Herbet Rammu. According to a facebook post, posted by him, he said; “The hobbo that burned parliament his fake names are Zandile Christmas Mafe the real one is Kgosi herbet Rammu, Die man ntse a le undercover for 2 years”

Zandile Mafe case as been postponed to January 11 after appearing in the Cape Town magistrate’s court on Tuesday as a homeless man. He is being arrested and charged for housebreaking, theft and arson and further charges under the National Key Points Act.

It was initially reported the 49-year-old from Khayelitsha was homeless, but his lawyer Luvuyo Godla dismissed the claims. His lawyer revealed that Mafe resided in Khayelitsha, Site B.

“He is a person with a fixed address. He has been in the Western Cape for more than six years,” said Godla.

Godla said Mafe was a “poor man” and he was representing him on a pro-bono basis.

“For now, I don’t even have a cent. What compelled me to defend this chap is because he raised his hand,” said Godla.

“He does not have assets but that doesn’t make him a flight risk.”

There is speculation advocate Dali Mpofu will be added to the legal team, but Godla did not confirm or deny this.

Mafe’s neighbour, Wendy Luhabe, told TimesLIVE  he is a “shy guy”.

“He wanted a place to stay so we referred him that side. Always on Thursday he picked up papers and cleaned the street,” she said.

Zandile Christmas Mafe neighbour Maggie Basse said Mafe is a loner. “He is a loner, keeps to himself. All you ever hear is when he greets and that is it,” she said.

Caught with explosive device

According to Eric Ntabazalila, spokesperson for the National Prosecuting Authority in the Western Cape, Mafe was also charged with possession of an explosive device.

The state also alleged Mafe stole laptops, crockery and documents from parliament.

However, Godla denied this and claimed Mafe is a “scapegoat” for failures of the executive and legislature.

“How would that person get access to parliament, and how would he know where to go in parliament and burn [the building]? He’s clearly a scapegoat. This is a failure of the executive and legislature, not that poor person,” Godla said.

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