Deep Ellum Shooting: 2 killed, 3 Injured – 2 Suspects Arrested

In Deep Ellum, Dallas this Friday morning, two people were killed and three were were shot in a shooting.The shoot was initiated by someone making the clubs and bars closed.

According to Dallas police “two people are dead and others were shot early Friday morning in Deep Ellum.”

Two people were killed while Five were shot and injured.
Police reported that someone out of the group of people that gathered near a barbecue truck parked at Elm and Crowdus streets, started the shooting.

The incident occurred around 2 in the morning. The shooting made people in the clubs run to their hidding places causing the street to be crowdy and busy.

The owners of the barbecue truck said when they heard the shots they immediately took cover of themselves by lying down.

One of the owners of the barbecue “The casings were close to my table. It shook me. I was so nervous and so scared. It was just a terrifying moment for me, a terrifying moment,”

However, two of those people in the group have been arrested by the police.
Also, the police are after the surveillance which has been at up as it has captured the incident.

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