Five Migrants Found Dead In Train, Mexico: Cause Of Death – Found Near U.S. Border

In a railway car near United States border, five migrants have been reported dead after they have gone on a wrong train in Mexico.

According to Mexico’s National institute of Migration (INM), the victims were three Hondurans, a Mexican and another unidentified person.

They seem to be going to Mexico after taking the train in the United States in wrong route.

INM reveal that Railway security personnel found the bodies after seeing a foot sticking out of a moving railroad car near the city of Piedras Negras.

Death Cause Of The Five Migrants

Officers in Coahuila state that, the five victims seem to have taken the train, which came from the United States and was headed to central Mexico, in the wrong direction.

The possible causes of death is “severe dehydration exacerbated by heat stroke,” according to report.

Their bodies seems to have died of dehydration and heat stroke after they were found in a railroad car in northern Mexico near the U.S. border on Wednesday.

It has been revealed that many thousands of US-bound undocumented migrants, most of them Central Americans, enter Mexico each year in which they risk their lives on the dangerous journey.

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