Lil Keed’s Cause of Death: Who Shot him to Death – Net Worth

American Rapper, Lil Keed who recently died had huge wealth he left behind.

He was shot dead by Unknown suspect but investigation is being carried out to identify the suspect. It was after people reported the gunshot incident to the police that was when they arrived to the scene.

What’s Lil Keed’ Net Worth before he died?

According to sources, Lil Keed had a net worth of $1 million in 2022. He made profit from organising shows and tour and from selling music.

His songs are all in Apple Music, YouTube, and Spotify and so on.
Lil’s money is mostly spent on his customised clothing and likes showcasing his money by being extravagant in parties with his friends.

On YouTube he has more than 200 million views and more than 100 videos. His channel brings in ad revenue of about $300,000.

His account, has around 400,000 followers. His YouTube channel accelerates the development of $300,000 in ad revenue and has over 200 million views from over 100 video uploads.

Who is Lil Keed’s Girlfriend?

Lil Keed was single before he died but there was a rumor that Keed’s wife is Disney actress Skai Jackson.
Also, Quana Bandz’s Lil Keed’s baby mama was involved in a custody battle with Skai. She lambasted Nivea after seeing a text conversations from her to Keed.

Lil Keed’s daughter is Naychur, she was born by his baby mama is Quanna Bandz.

What is Lil Keed’s Real Name? Who Shot Him To Death?

Raqhid Jevon Render is Lil Keed’s real name. He died at the age of 24.
However, investigation is still ongoing to know the person that killed him.
In 2020, he worked with Chris Brown on his last album, Trapped on Cleveland 3.

Lil keed was born in Atlanta Georgia on March 16, 1998. His cause of death has not been uncovered.

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