Mariam Nouri Hamadameen Death: Victim identified in Channel tragedy

Mariam Nouri Hamadameen Death: First victim identified in Channel tragedy that killed at least 27 people when their boat sank in an attempt to reach the UK on Wednesday.

21-year-old Kurdish woman from northern Iraq, Mariam Nouri Hamadameen has been identified as one of the victims involved in the tragedy.

Mariam Nouri Hamadameen had travelled to Germany, France and hoping to join her fiance who already lives in Britain.

“Her mother and father are totally devastated,” Mariam cousin told Sky News.

“We pulled out six floating bodies. I had a woman, a pregnant woman. A young kid, maybe 18 years old. Among those I lifted out of the water, not all were wearing lifejackets,” Charles Devos said. “With the water at that temperature, hypothermia sets in fast.”

The Wednesday tragic incident which had only two survivors is the deadliest since the migration crisis began.

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