Missing Dickinson Mum: Angela Mitchell Found Dead After Six Days

On May 6, Angela Mitchell, mother of Four was reported missing.

The police found her body after her disappearance in the trunk of her car in Texas City.

The 24-year-old was reported missing on Friday but was later seen dead in her car on Wednesday.

The police received report of unpleasant odor in the area coming from her car then her body was found.

Angela’s friends claimed that they saw her car the she got missing. But six days later her body was found in her own car.

When Angela got missing Flyers were distributed both online and around the city after she did not return home.

According to reports, “They found her four-door, white sedan parked near the intersection of Martin Luther King Junior Street and 4th Avenue in Texas City, but there was no sign of the 24-year-old mother.”

According to the people that live in the area they said has was noticed when it was parked for days.

According to David Welch Jr. “To be honest, that’s nothing new in this town. You come across that situation every couple of months, or so. That’s just Texas City for you”.

Police have not seen or found any reason for her death nor disappearance.

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