Mohamed Ali Selim Arrested; Attempt To Hire Child Prostitute – Savage Middle School Principal Charged

On Tuesday, Mohamed Ali Selim principal of Eagle Ridge Middle School was arrested and accused of attempting to hire a 15-year-old for sex.

On Tuesday, Officers from numerous agencies worked together to arrest persons that were attempting to exploit Minors sexually, as confirmed by the St Louis Park police. Four men were arrested.

In Hennepin County District Court, Selim was charged on Thursday with one count of prostitution of someone he believed to be between the ages 13-16.
His first court appearance is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. on Friday.

Who Is Mohamed Selim?

38-year-old Eagle Ridge Middle School Principal, Mohamed Selim has been arrested for hiring a minor of 15 years old for prostitution.

Mohamed is an experienced school leader with a track record of success in the educational management field according to his LinkedIn profile.

He holds a strong business development specialist with a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) from St. Mary’s University in Educational Leadership and Administration.

According to the criminal complaint, officers advertised prostitution services on several websites as part of the operation. Selim corresponded with an undercover investigator who pretended to be a 15-year-old girl.

Reports revealed that Mohamed attempted to set up a meeting with the undercover officer acting as the girl, and when told that she was 15, he replied with “Ok, that’s good.”
On May 17, he texted the undercover officer around in the afternoon saying he “would love to come see” her and asked if 4 p.m. that day would work, the complaint revealed.
The undercover officer provided her rate of $250 for an hour and $175 for a half-hour, as well as extra for “upgrades.”

After which he said he would come over for an hour.
He stated that the 15-year-old age girl made him nervous, but he’d still see her so they “could spend some time,” according to the report as confirmed by the police.

However, when Salim came for the meeting he was arrested and detained.
As confirmed by the St. Louise Park Police Department, Salim was arrested with three other men through the operation.

They were all arrested through undercover investigators connecting with persons who wanted to buy sex from a teenager.

The operation was done as part of a statewide coordinated response to reduce human trafficking and exploitation as revealed by the police.

The three men have been released while Selim I still detained because of his position in school with minors.

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