Rock and Roll Legend Jerry Lee Lewis has Passed Away at 87

Rock and Roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis has passed away at 87.

Jerry Lee Lewis, a star of Sun Records and a member of the Million Dollar Quartet, passed away on Friday. Lewis, who was 87, passed away. Lewis was unable to attend his induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame on October 16 due to his deteriorating health during the previous few weeks.

Lewis, one of the founding figures of rock ‘n’ roll in the 1950s, also had a lucrative second career as a country musician from the late 1960s to the early 1980s. Over the course of a 60+ year career, Lewis expertly espoused everything from Tin Pan Alley to boogie-woogie to blues, having a tremendous musical and spiritual impact on numerous generations as well as the entire zeitgeist of rock ‘n’ roll society.

But his life, which could be characterized as Southern gothic, frequently cast a shadow over his work, his supreme creativity. Seven marriages, numerous well-documented conflicts, and tragedies, including the demise of two wives and two boys, were all part of his chaotic personal life.

Lewis continued performing live and recording until he was 80 years old, long after the majority of his contemporaries had either retired or passed away.

In 1957, Lewis, then 22 years old and known as “The Killer,” exploded into the American cultural scene as a pianist with wild hair and eyes. His early work for Sam Phillips and the Sun label would shape his career. Epoch-making songs like “Great Balls of Fire” and “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On” exposed a conflict between Lewis’ fervently held religious beliefs and his love of boogie-woogie. They were actual riots of rhythm.