Sidney Gang Boss Mahmoud Ahmad Shot Dead in Greenacre: Mahmoud Ahmad’s Cause of Death

The crime boss Mahmoud Ahmad was gunned down in an execution-style homicide on a quiet road in Greenacre according to sources.

Brownie as he is generally known, had a bounty of $1 million on his head.

According to sources the 39-year-old was visiting an affiliate and was shot and killed while walking to his car.

Sources revealed that Ahmad has just been out of jail six months ago after serving 5 years in jail.

Sources claimed he was shot to death in Greenacre, Sydney on Wednesday night time.

Ahmad served in Jail for manslaughter of gangland rival Safes Charbaji in 2016.

He was known as a dangerous criminals in Sydney Crime as he mostly walked in and out of jail.

According to his prison document, Ahmad was married to Carmen Piscioneri although if he has children or not is not revealed.

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