Southern California Fire: Fire in Laguna Hills California – Is anyone Injured? Pictures

In Southern California was recently reported that fast moving fire was in the area.

According to reports, in parts of the Laguna Hills area of Orange County, California, more than 20 homes were set ablaze.

The fire spread and grew wider in the area destroying a lot of things. By Wednesday the fire spread to about 200 arces.

The fire which started in the afternoon has made people evacuate the surroundings. The authorities have also urge people to leave the surroundings.

However, the wildfire generally is getting more harsh every season.
According to the UN report “it’s time to ‘learn to live with fire’

While the firefighters moved to the area hoping to stop the fire it has already destroyed some properties. They used water from a pond to reduce the flame.

According to reports, smoke was first noticed around 4 in the afternoon, the smoke was coming from Languna Niguel. After almost 2 hours the smoke grew bigger.
However, no death or injury was recorded from the wildfire incident.

As reported by the Orange County Fire Authority “We have over 60 different types of resources battling the flames”.

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