Who was Christopher De La Cruz, Cause of death, CCTV Footage Video Explained

Christopher De La Cruz is a new york man who has been in the news headlines these days. His name is also swirling on the internet and netizens are searching for him to know what has happened to him.

Who was Christopher De La Cruz?

Christopher De La Cruz Video was a man from Queens of New York City who has been passed away tragically. He was 28 years old who lost his life in a most disheartening way. As per the success and a video of him surfacing on the web, he fell headfirst onto the concrete.

New York Police Stated:-

New York Police has given a statement in which they said “the Christopher De La Cruz was fell onto the concrete from his headfirst and at the same moment his beck broke.

How did Christopher De La Cruz die?

So in the video, you will get to see that he is with a backpack on his back and he was trying to get over the turnstile multiple times, while in his first attempt he had been stumbled as he loses his balance. While in another attempt he tried to hop over a turnstile and in this way he was unable to be unsteady on his feet.
He doesn’t stop and on the one more attempt he loses control and he hits the bar with his waist. After which it caused him to be flipped over and landed onto the concrete floor from the backside. In this way, his neck got impacted. ‘After which he had been taken to the emergency medical where they declared him dead. While the medical examiners said that they are taking his body to the autopsy so that they can unveil the exact reason behind his sudden death.

Christopher De La Cruz Surveillance Video:-

Christopher De La Cruz reached the Forest Hill-71st Avenue Subway Station, almost before 6:45 a.m. He was there on 2nf of January, Sunday. Queens neighborhood is Forest Hills.

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