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Become a model getting at least 10 individuals admiring you crushing on you and telling you how gorgeous your body structure looks do you have a very natural structures and curves that whenever the see you they always feel like coming closer to you , have been asked to join the modelling industry? if really becoming a model is really your passion, you really need to take it to consideration to become a professional model.

Here are some fact you can consider if you want to become a model :

  • You Must need to look like a goddess
  • You Must have a right skin treat
  • You must eating good diet
  • and you must exercise frequently.

On a normal platform anyone can become a model no matter if you are if you’re not looking attractive or Not.
We have set some guidelines that will take you through the road of your modelling career in this page we are going to disclose to you the fact about how you can become a great outstanding model it has been said that getting started is the secret of getting ahead and success comes to those who think about success and strive for it.
Now let’s pass through the road of becoming a model .

Tips on How to Become a Become a Model In Nigeria



Building your portfolio is one of the important strategy you really need to get access to modelling industry when applying to work for a modelling agency. YES that’s the secret, you must have an impressive portfolio. in our 21st century social media makes things so easy . don’t be afraid to make something big out of this, always think something new,big and extraordinary. Get a good photographer take a shot from differs angles . Be a professional portfolio by creating a personal blog for yourself It is Free and show case your talent and ability.


Your walking style counts in every angles so you must discipline yourself to practice, the beauty of modelling is good walking style , if you have a discouraging walking style then make sure you take a good tutorials to make correction. in many occasions i have witnessed many good looking models disqualify from runaway because of their bad walking, always practice daily get a good mirror watch yourself when practicing if possible get a video recorder that will record every movement to take.


Hair style is something that is more attractive when becoming a mode-list Because the hair style suits perfectly it doesn’t mean it will fit you.. Most of these are usually determined by your head size and shape. It is oval, oblong etc.? make sure you have a nice and experienced hair dresser that can give you a good looking for your career.Experiment with different hairstyles until you find that which suits you naturally. remember success comes to those who think about success and strive for it.


Beauty always comes by good looking of the face you can’t be a model with a rough face, i repeat you can’t be a model with a rough face, great looking body without a beautiful face
is a discouragement, go to a recognized supermarket that has an original product get some perfect face cream… i repeat go to a recognized supermarket that has an original product if get a diluted cream you will worsting’s your duty to minimize them and enhance that which makes you beautiful or handsome because the ability to discover your assignment on earth is what that takes you to the top. erase all wrinkles by taking fruits and water take vegetables on a daily basics.


Work on your body physique… your body is your asset exercise daily to have a nice body structure if you a man work on your chest, belly, butt and legs . and ladies greatest assets will be your boobs and butt. Work on them, don’t forget that getting started is the secret of getting ahead.


In order to become an extraordinary model you have to have a burning desire and passion, Below are the classes of modelings


Runway are sometimes defined as a process of cat working, catwalk models are exhibited during a practice, their heights may be lower than a fashion model up to 5’9″ they always have this attractive body structure that always fit them in their cloths .


Fashion Modelling is one of the types of fashion models that have a high fashion models often at time you see them in televisions , magazines, books, wallpapers e.t.c.
some fashion models are always slim fitted .


Glamour are those magazines you often see that some times called playboy magazine they belong to this branch of models procedures and requirement are somehow difficult in order to get access you must have an amazing cute face and a nice physique, you really have to look sexy and seducing.

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