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How to Grow Your Blog Traffic Fast – Best Reviews

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How to Grow Your Blog Traffic Fast and method of having a free blog traffic generator

You have invested ample amount of effort, energy money to build a blog that generates traffic. One other thing that will make you a complete blogger like Darren Rowse is your ability to monetize the traffics generated from your blog.

From my experience, bloggers have at least three ultimate reasons to blog: make money from their blog; blog for passion, or both. In either case, it will be pleasing if you are making money while enjoying yourself.

How to Monetize You Blog Traffic

You’ve got your blog set up with regular niche specific contents, you’ve steady amount of traffic, so why not start thinking about monetizing? I will discuss the most profitable ways you can make your blog do more for you than to pay bills.

My Advice
Please note that diversification is lay when it involves blog monetization. Try a combination of one or more of these methods to maximize your earning potential.

Do not make your blog to be too ad heavy. This can distract your readers. Simply play around with your blog layout, try and be flexible and don’t allow ads to overshadow your contents.

Test different varieties of and networks. Be sure that you are being paid in an accurate and timely manner.

Try (take your time) and monitor your earnings performance. Drop any service if you’re not comfortable with their results and try another ad company.

Different ways to monetize you blog traffic

Here are the different methods you can adopt to start monetizing your blog traffic.

(1) Apply CPA Ads (this is called pay per click):
Several advertising companies serves pay per click, contextual (text or image) on publishers websites or blogs.

Most popular and widely used is Google Adsense. The nature of their ads is usually base in the nature and type of your contents. They pay you if your reader clicks on the ad.

How much can you earn from CPC ads?
How much you can make from this blog monetization strategy depends on so many things:

Advertiser bid on the keyboard used: so if your contents topic has high paying keywords, then a click with will be a lot worthy than contents with low paying keywords.

Your blog traffic: this is the total number of people visiting your blog each day. People who visit your blog either from search engines or links referral are more likely to click on these ads. They more blog traffic you have, the more money your make from this monetization strategy.

Top 15 CPC Ad Networks
1. Google Adsense
2. Media Net
3. Bidvester
4. Clutika
5. Infolinks
6. Clicksor
7. Vibrant Media
8. Exit Junction
9. Pocketcents
10. Blogads
11. Kontera
12. CPX Interactive
13. Click bot
14. Eleavers
15. Breeza Ads

(2) CPM Ads (This is called cost per impression)
Other people also call this — cost per management. Here all you need is to put the ad on you blog. Your blog readers don’t need to do anything (click click) before you are paid). You will get your money when a reader just views your ads (impression). The disadvantage of this is that you may be paid almost nothing for some impression.

How much can you make form CPM Ads?
Rates per impression can go as low as 0.5 per 500 impressions it is a good option to use CDM with other monetizing methods: such as CPC ads.

Strategy: You can place CPC ads at less prominent locations of your blog. I discovered that most ad network that offers CPC ads also have CPM ads throw in as well setup top 15 CPM ad networks.
Here are top 15 CPM ad networks you can apply to start monitoring your blog. There are several of them out there.

  1. Casale Media
    2. Conversant
    3. Tribal fusion
    4. Buysell Ads
    5. Technocratic media
    6. Adcash
    7. Matorny
    8. Sovrn
    9. Cpxinterative
    10. Popcash
    11. Value click
    12. Adblade
    13. Advertising com
    14. Banner connect
    15. Burst media

(3) Text Links Ads:
Text links ads seemingly blends to your contents and do not consume your blog space at all. You can conveniently apply text link ads with CPC or CPM. Text link ads work almost the same way as CPC or CPM. Here, all you needs is to submit your targeted pages / posts into the inventory. Then list your popular posts and /or categories.

How much can you make from text link Ads
Monetization potential from text link ads primarily depends on the number of web pages that links back to you. This is called page rank (PR). Luckily, most other CPC ad network offer text links ads as well. Otherwise, text link ads are very profitable to blogs that are widely mentioned or get linked from other sites.

Top 5 text link Ads:

  1. Adsense
  2. Link worth
  3. Tnlx worth
  4. Text – link – Ads.

(4) In-text Ad:
I like in-text ads because of its nature: it does not require any additional space from your blog. One served, in-text ads attaches to text in your content, display as under line or double underlined to words that are clickable. Some works like a popup when a mouse hover the underlined word.

Info links
Vibrant media

(5) C P A (Cost Per Action):
This is otherwise called affiliate ads. Here, you get paid when viewer click the affiliate link on your blog and go ahead to sign up / register or purchase the product that was advertised on you blog. That is why it’s called “cost per action”. It’s a very simple and easy method to monetize your blog traffic.

How much can you make for affiliate Ads

Affiliate ads, not surprisingly, is the highest paid ad method. However, now likely your readers will click on the ado and go ahead to perform the required action (register / signup / purchase) actually depends very much on the relevancy of this ad to the content read.

See for instance, you are blogging about “how to generate blog traffic”, you will do so well from affiliate ad by showing get blog traffic CPA ads. Here you can make as high as figure in US dollars particularly if your CPA ad adds value to your readers.

Popular Affiliate Network

  • Click Bank
  • Commission junction
  • Ad fish
  • Amazon Associates
  • Link share
  • Affiliate window
  • Advent link
  • Digital River
  • Flexoners
  • Webgains
  • Advangate
  • Cbay
  • Phg
  • Impact Raduis


Your Thoughts!
What other effective method are you monetizing your blog traffic? Please share in the comments section.

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