Christian Kerr Death: National Affairs Journalist, Vale Christian Kerr is Dead

Christian Kerr, former Crikeyn political columnist Supremo and now National affairs journalist has passed away. We learnt about his death through some tributes posted online. However, information about his cause of death and obituary are still pending.

Rowan Dean honor the passing of Christian Kerr through a short tribute To Christian this morning at Viewer. He says, “I was shocked and sad to hear about Christian Kerr’s death this morning. Veteran Crikey subscribers remember Christian – and his the name of the pen, Hillary Bray – who was Crikeyn political columnist Supremo and later a national affairs journalist, from our wild early days to early 2008, when he left Australian.”

A corporate lobbyist, Kerr joined Stephen Mayne to take the first step. crikey the most well-known – a gossipy shit page (his own words) that infected everyone and everyone inside the building and became the highlight of the day for many of his subscribers in the Houses of Parliament. In doing so, they created an entirely new form of political journalism delivered by email technology that was still great at the time.

It’s fair to say what exactly Christian disapproves of. crikey happened after his post and he didn’t hesitate to let us know. But that doesn’t change how important it is to our early success.

I look forward to Stephen’s better explanation, but in my outer view as a reader-only reader at the time, the best part of Kerr’s tenure crikey It was the unfiltered sound he allowed. Christian was an immensely talented and often funny writer with a devastating ability to choose nicknames (which he shared with Mayne) for his targets.

Quite quickly, a dictionary of nicknames was necessary for readers, and duly provided; Christian has produced classics like Count Quilt (David Kemp), Crocodile Dummee (Warren Entsch), The Cowardly Lion (John Anderson), Ah, while Stephen devised my all-time favorite “Malthus of Maroubra” moniker for immigration-hater Bob Carr. ! Satan (Natasha Stott-Despoja), The Lounge Bar Bore (Alan Ramsey), and Uptown Girl (Sophie Mirabella).

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