Brazilian Politician Marco Maciel Has Passed Away, Cause of Death

Marco Maciel, Brazilian politician, lawyer and law school professor has passed away. Marco Maciel died on June 12, 2021 at the age of 80. He is the founder of PFL party, he served as the 22nd Vice President of Brazil from 1 January 1995 to 31 December 2002, twice elected on the same ticket as President Fernando Henrique Cardoso in the 1994 and 1998 general elections.

Marco Maciel cause of death is multiple organ failure, he died in an hospital in federal capital where he was admitted into. He is survived by his wife, Ana Maria Maciel and three sons.

Arthur Virgílio Neto has this to say regarding his death.

Marco Maciel, homem de notável vida pública, nos deixa. Advogado e político, foi eleito para ser deputado, governador de PE, senador e vice-presidente de FHC. Um democrata que muito contribuiu para o país. Minha esposa @ElisabethVR_ e eu nos solidarizamos com familiares e amigos.

Since 2014, Marco Maciel has been suffering from Covid-19 related disease. He recovered after some period of hospitalization. It was confirmed that he has Alzheimer which he recovered from also in 2014, he was returned back to the hospital after some time for suffering from some other infections.

Maciel was elected to the 39th Chair of the Brazilian Academy of Letters (ABL) in 2003. Before vice presidency, he was the President of the Chamber of Deputies (1977–1979), Governor of Pernambuco (1979-1982), Minister of Education (1985–1986) and Chief of President Sarney’s cabinet (1986–1987). Maciel returned to the senate following his vice presidency, until he was defeated in 2010.

Before becoming a politician, Maciel has worked as a lawyer. He served as a lawyer working for an undisclosed firm before he joined politics and was elected the deputy, senator and governor of Pernambuco. He also as the vice president under Fernando Henrique Cardoso from 1995-2003.

José Azevedo wrote;
“Pela manhã tomamos conhecimento de que a morte nos levou Marco Maciel. Somos de sua geração. Na política estudantil éramos bem opostos, mas nos respeitavamos. Um bom exemplo para todos. Era um político por natureza, honesto, e que deveria servir de espelho para mudar o Brasil.”

Maciel leaves his wife Anna Maria and three children.

Read the note from the DEM president, Antonio Carlos Magalhães Neto:
“This June 12, Democrats says goodbye, already with a longing heart, to one of its founders. Marco Maciel was one of the most important cadres of our party. With his exemplary performance in public life, he wrote an impeccable history of dedication to our country.

In my trajectory, I was able to be inspired and learn from his teachings. Former Vice President of the Republic, Marco Maciel was a leader capable of motivating politicians of all ages. While still in the PFL Youth movement, I received significant words and gestures of encouragement that I will never forget. The same affection that our founder gave to many young people and politicians throughout his life.

A man of high public spirit, I am sure that Marco Maciel’s legacy will be remembered throughout our history.

Today, I send all solidarity and affection to the family and friends of this great leader.

A sincere and fraternal hug from the Democrats family.”

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