Australia Singer, Host Tottie Goldsmith cocaine scandal explained

Australia Singer, Host Tottie Goldsmith cocaine scandal explaine

She is an Australian singer, host, and actress. She made the headlines in the year 2011 when she was found with a small number of drugs in her bag during a music festival. After this incident, she was defamed badly and was criticized everywhere. Recently, she recalled the incident again and shared how her family friend passed cruel comments about her on the radio.
In 2011, Tottie Goldsmith was found with drugs in her bag at a Portsea music festival along with her family and friends. She was caught with drugs while walking into the festival. When she was questioned by the authorities regarding discovering the cocaine, she told the authorities that she was not involved in all this and the drugs were not hers and someone had planned all this to defame her. Because, in spite of finding 40 people with illicit drugs at the music festival, only one name was leaked in the press and it was Tottie Goldsmith.

However, she was never charged for the incident but still, her world turned upside down. There is a huge change was coming into her life. She got defamed in the industry and was criticized by many. Recently, she appeared in the episode of “I’m A Celeb” where she talked about the 2011 cocaine incident. She revealed to her fellow contestants that she was slammed, not only in Australia but also in England, in America. She added, “Derryn Hinch has a lot to answer for… I lost everything.”
Derryn Hinch is her family friend who commented about her on the radio, regarding the cocaine scandal. While recalling the incident in the episode, she was seen breaking into tears. Tottie’s career took a worse turn after this scandal. The company in which she was working for 4 years, had dropped her as a client. She was a pilot for a production company, went to her and said that the investor threatened them to take their money back if they kept involved her, and so on. In 2013, she said in an interview, “It felt as though my world was spinning out around me. I lost pretty much every gig.”

The Australian actress, Tottie Goldsmith has appeared on the British survival reality television show titled” As I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!” where she opened up about how a drug scandal turned her world upside down. Some of her television credits include a host of the controversial show “Sex/Life”, the female lead in “Fire”, a guest appearance in Twisted Tales, as well as lead guest roles in Underbelly’s Infiltration, Pizza, Stingers, Jack Irish, Blue Heelers, Neighbours, and Housos. But while on paper it seems like her career has done nothing but soar, the actual reality is a bit more distressing.

In the year 2011, Tottie was found with a small amount of cocaine in her bag at the time walking into a Portsea music festival with her companions and family. The singer told authorities that the drugs which were found in her bag were not hers and that someone had planted them on her person. In the spite of that 40 people at the musical festival discovered illicit drugs, the only name which was leaked to the press was Tottie.

Whereas Tottie was never charged for the incident, her world was still turned upside down. Tottie stated to her fellow contestants in a teaser for “I’m A Celeb” that “They slammed me, not only in Australia, in England, In America. Derryn Hinch has a lot to answer for…I lost everything.” So, what exactly was the result of the scandal? And how was Derryn Hinch engaged?

The carrier of Tottie dived a consequence of the scandal. A company she had been working with for years dropped her as a client, a production firm for which she had done a pilot reached out to say that an investor menaced to pull their money if she remained engaged, and so on. Tottie informed the Herald Sun in the year 2013. At the time of the storm, the family friend of Tottie and media personality Derryn Hinch asserted that he was skeptical about the innocence of musicians.

This was a tough pill for the star to swallow, with the now jungle dweller telling the Herland Sun how she once challenged Derryn about his skepticism. Tottie remembers asking Derryn that “Tell me honestly, is there anything in you that would think they would be my drugs and that I would be that idiot to walk into where the cops are, to a public event risking everything to my reputation? Do you think I am that kind of individual?” Sans lifting his head he shook his head and stated, “No”.