Does Weather Presenter Ruth Dodsworth Have New Husband? Was Her Ex Husband sent to Jail? Who is Jonathan Wignall?

British Broadcaster Ruth Dodsworth, British Broadcaster was said to be in a toxic marital relationship for more that 17 years with a businessman Jonathan Wignall. But now they are separated, people are interested in knowing if she has a new husband or not.

Tge popular British broadcaster, journalist, and weather presenter is well known for her notable work at ITV Cymru Wales.
She has been into journalism and broadcasting since 1994. As a researcher in the 1990s she started her career with BBC Radio Wales.

As a news reporter and presenter In 1996, Ruth joined the ITV Cymru Wales where since 2000, she also worked as a weather presenter.

She later moved to regional radio station Nation Radio as co-presenter of the station’s breakfast show, The Big Welsh Wake Up.
Ruth also worked for Nation’s five local radio stations in South and West Wales.

Does Ruth Dodsworth Have New Husband?

After her first marriage fell apart, Ruth Dodsworth is married to a new husband although she does not reveal much about her new husband.

Ruth sometimes regard him for saving her saving her life even though she has not revealed his identity to the public.
However, some people believe that the reason why Ruth is hiding her new husband is due to fears from her old husband.

Since 2002 for more than 15 years Ruth Dodsworth was married to businessman Jonathan Wignall. But as the marital relationship went toxic she broke the marriage with in October 2019.

She accused her husband for threatening to take her life as he had called her more than 150 times in a single day.

After the police arrested him on suspicion of harassment it was disclosed that he had installed a tracker device on her car.
He had been tracking Ruth Dodsworth for years according the investigation of Jonathan’s custody.
Wignall however confessed the charge of coercive and controlling behavior against Ruth Dodsworth for more than nine years.
In March 2021, Jonathan was sent to jail for three years.

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