Dylan Taylor Biography, Age, Career, Married, Net Worth, Education, Nationality

Dylan Taylor is a NewSpace CEO and super angel investor from the United States.
He is the founder of the non-profit organization Space for Humanity.

Dylan also serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Voyager Space Holdings.
Taylor has held executive positions with real estate firms such as Grubb & Ellis, Jones Lang LaSalle, and Colliers International.

Dylan Taylor Biography

Dylan Taylor is a philanthropist and a worldwide business executive.
As a CEO, investor thought leader, and futurist, he is a pioneer in the space exploration sector.
Dylan is now the Chairman and CEO of Voyager Space, a multi-national space holding company that acquires and combines outstanding space exploration companies throughout the world.

Harvard University, SpaceNews, the BBC, Pitchbook, CNBC, CNN, and others have acknowledged him as a key figure in the development of the private space sector. He is largely regarded as the world’s most active private space investor. Dylan formerly worked for UMB Bank, a Fortune 500 corporation situated in Kansas City, and as a mutual fund director for Jackson Products, where he handled $8 billion in assets spread across 130 different funds.

Dylan Taylor Age

Dylan Taylor was on born October 23, 1970 ( 51 years of Age) is an American executive and super angel investor in the NewSpace industry. He is the founder of the global non-profit Space for Humanity and the Chairman and CEO of Voyager Space Holdings.

Dylan Taylor Career

Dylan Taylor has held several executive roles for various global companies and currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of Voyager Space Holdings, a holding company focused exclusively on the space industry.Dylan previously had executive roles with companies in the real estate industry including Grubb & Ellis (now Newmark), Jones Lang LaSalle and Colliers.

From June 2015 to June 2019, Taylor served as Global President of Colliers International and parted ways with the company due to a dispute relating to improper trading that was resolved in late 2019.Prior to that, Taylor served as Chief Executive Officer and President for the Americas. In 2013, Dylan Taylor was awarded Mid-market awards ‘Mid-Market Rising Star of the Year.’ In 2016, Taylor was named among Real Estate Forum magazine’s ELITE 70.

In 2017, Taylor was inducted into IAOP’s Leadership Hall of Fame for reshaping commercial real estate outsourcing. In 2018, Taylor was named Alumnus of the year by the University of Arizona.

Dylan founded Multiverse Media Group which produced the movie The High Frontier: The Untold Story of the life of Gerard K. O’Neill.

Dylan Taylor Married

Dylan Taylor’s wife is yet to be revealed on social media platforms. Maybe he wants to keep his personal information out of the internet.

Dylan has managed to keep his personal life under wraps.
Hardly active on any form of social media, it appears the CEO prefers to keep a low profile and his personal life private.

It is unknown whether Dylan is currently in a relationship.

Dylan Taylor Net Worth

Dylan Taylor’s net worth is estimated to be above $1 billion.

Dylan was a Fortune 1000 CEO with a P&L of over $3 billion and operations spanning 16,000 employees in 60 countries.

Dylan has also been a part of four initial public offerings (IPOs) over his career.

Dylan Taylor Education

Dylan Taylor graduated with honors from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree. He has a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Chicago as well.

Dylan Taylor Nationality

Dylan Taylor’s nationality is American.

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