Error Webber Criticized a United Airlines Employee at the Anchorage Airport for Stealing Video Equipment from his Bags

Error Webber, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, is criticizing a United Airlines employee at the Anchorage Airport for stealing video equipment from his bags. And he has evidence.

Webber, who is most known for his work on the Sundance and Oscar-winning films “American Promise” and “Music By Prudence,” alleges a United Airlines baggage handler is to blame for taking film equipment from his suitcase, and he physically knows where the thief lives because to a concealed Apple Airtag.

In a tweet on October 31, Webber said that while he was at the Anchorage Airport, film equipment was taken from his bag. Because of a secret Airtag, Webber claims to know exactly where the burglar lives and where his property is now located:

“Hey @united, one of your employees at Anchorage Airport rummaged through my luggage and took some film equipment home with them. They inadvertently took my Apple AirTag that I had hidden.

Can you tell your employee who lives at: 210 Clover Hollow Court to give me my stuff back?”

No word yet on whether the filmmaker got his possessions back.

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