Grayson ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Star, Identified As Victim Of Saturday Nashville Vehicle Crash 

Grayson ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ car accident which led to a very serious injury he is recovering from. We pray him fast and safe recovery.

Grayon Chrisley is a well known stars in USA Network reality show, “Chrisley Knows Best,” suffered injuries after he was involved in a two-vehicle crash in Davidson County, Tennessee Saturday night.

Grayson, 16, was injured after his pickup truck was involved in a rear-end vehicle crash Saturday in Nashville.

Grayson’s Ford F-150 was “totaled” on I-65 in Nashville last Saturday after he rear-ended another pickup truck around 5:30 p.m. The teen suffered injuries bad enough to send him to a hospital, according to TMZ.

Police in Tennessee stated that, Grayson was reportedly driving his F-150, when for unknown reasons, he plowed into the back of a Dodge pickup truck that was stopped in heavy standstill traffic.

Cops say officers at the scene asked Grayson what happened. Todd and Julie Chrisley’s son could not recall anything about the accident, possibly due to a potential head injury. He was rushed by ambulance to a hospital.

TMZ obtained photos of Grayson’s truck after the incident … and the bumper is mangled, the hood is cracked and the windshield shattered.

Cops say the driver of the truck Grayson rear-ended suffered injuries as well, but refused medical attention. We’re told both vehicles were towed from the scene.

According to USA Network:

Grayson Chrisley stars in the USA Network reality series CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST.

Grayson, the teenager of the Chrisley clan, is growing into a young man before his parents’ eyes and trying to spread his wings – as much as Todd and Julie let him! Grayson is bright, competitive, loves sports and often finds himself getting into mischief with his older siblings and Chloe…though he USUALLY always comes clean to mom and dad about his shenanigans. The family loves watching Grayson grow into an adult whether it be watching him learn to drive or shaving for the first time.