How Old is JJ Da Boss and his Wife? Involved in Zip Tie Crash Car Accident, Street Outlaws Wreck Last Night 2021

Jonathan Day popularly known as JJ Da Boss, Street Outlaws Memphis boss was reportedly involved in a car accident. As reported by his social media manager Precious Cooper.

Jonathan Day was born on 10, 1973, in Memphis, TN the United States of America. He is an American Reality television personality who rose to fame after appearing on the original Discovery Channel series Street Outlaws: Memphis.

How Old is JJ Da Boss and his Wife?

JJ Da Boss Wife’s name is Patricia Day but fondly called Tricia Day. JJ Da Boss age is currently 49 years old while his wife age was not given.

Tricia Day is also a racing driver and reality TV star based in Memphis. She is popularly known as a street racing queen. Most of the time, she teams up with JJ, with whom they have won many car racing championships. She started car racing when she was still a young girl- the same as her husband. Tricia is worth between $1 and $1.5 million.

JJ Da Boss Zip Tie Crash, Car Accident

JJ Da Boss is a lover of cars. He is the leader of the Memphis racing family. He also founded the street race scene known as Spin City.  JJ and his friends grew up racing every car they had in the streets of Memphis and Arkansas.

In 2017, JJ Da Boss was reportedly involved in a car accident. According to a statement from his Facebook page (Memphis Street Racer JJdaBoss) it was reported that JJ had a wreck when he was leaving the set and he has just been released from the hospital.

The full statement reads, “Alright guys, on the way home last night/mornin, JJ had a wreck leaving from the set! He’s jus been released from the hospital. No life threatening injuries jus a broke hand, cuts n tires and bruises! Can’t say the same for Ole Heavy n Heifer! It’s goin to be a LONG journey gettin them both back into the streets! The road to recovery has already begun on Ole Heavy, Heifer is goin to be a lot more of a task due to more work! Heifer is gna need some extensive chassis and body work. We’re jus thankful it wasn’t worse than what it was and we still have our JJdaBoss!!!

According to his Facebook page, they were racing at an undisclosed location. Then, on the way home, it appears, the accident happened.

It’ll be interesting to see now with this accident if it’ll affect the upcoming Street Outlaws Memphis show that the Discovery Channel will be airing in the coming months. If they were actually filming, it may cause a halt to the show for the time being.

In addition, this is the second known crash involving a Street Outlaws Memphis cast member. Mustang Mike, as he’s known, aka Mike Gage, was also involved in an accident, a racing one, where he messed up his Mustang.

This accident with Mustang Mike will reportedly be on the first episode of the upcoming Street Outlaws Oklahoma City show. It’s not clear on who he was racing when the accident happened involving Mustang Mike.

“Mustang Mike” Gage has already secured his second car after “Unpredictable” was destroyed in the July 30th crash. We do not know if this new car will look similar to the old one.

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