Is Victoria Newman Leaving the Show on Young and the Restless? Y & R Comings and Goings

Young and restless comings and goings 2022: Is amelia heinle leaving young and restless 2022? In the most recent episode of Y&R (6 June 2022), Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) asks Ashland Locke (Robert Newman) not to leave town.

She promises him that they’ll find a way to make their love work – by doing things “differently”. They agree to take things slowly, to build trust over time. Ashland tells Victoria to take all the time she needs, and Victoria replies that she never wants to lose him again.

Meanwhile, previews of this week’s episodes suggest that the reunion Ashland has been dreaming of will wrest Victoria from her family.

Heinle apparently told Soap Opera Digest that Victoria will defy her family’s entreaties, leave behind her chief executive job at Newman Enterprises, and “cut ties with her family”.

Soaps writes that aftershocks will “reverberate across the canvas”, rocking Genoa City “to its very core”.

“We will see the dynamics of the Newman family take a dramatic turn as a result of Victoria’s decision,” the outlet quotes Heinle as saying.

Victoria will be in conflict “with everyone she loves” – bar Ashland, of course. Daily Soap Dish adds that the last time Victoria and Ashland entered into a tryst, they spoke about moving to Italy. That’s a far cry from Wisconsin.

The question playing on viewers’ minds will be whether she can reconcile her family to her decision to recommit herself to Ashland – or will Victoria Newman be leaving The Young And The Restless forever?

Victoria Newman was born on-screen in 1982. Four actresses have portrayed her: Ashley Nicole Millan from 1982 to 1990, Heather Tom from 1990 to 2003, Sarah Aldrich briefly in 1997, and Amelia Heinle from 2005 to present.