Jason Momoa’s Testimony Real or Fake? Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s Trial

After the Depp VS Heard trial finished on the 19th day Jason Momoa’s testimony against Amber Heard has been all over the media.

Jason the aquaman actor is gaining the spotlight from people through the trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.
Jason became popular through his role as ‘Khal Drago’ in Game Of Thrones.

His successful portrayal as Aquaman in the DC Universe, the actor is one of the most successful celebrities in Hollywood.
His co-star Amber Heard is presently getting sued by her ex husband Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp And Amber Heard

The case better Amber and Johnny has been on the spotlight. Amber has also done a counterclaim against the trial using domestic violence points.

As the case is now the talk of almost everybody, Jason has been included after a video of the actor testifying against Amber got viral.

Did Jason Momoa Really Testify In Court? F
Jason did not testify against Amber in court, although the video of Jason’s testimony seems real.

The video is nothing but a parody prepared by a vlogger who created it to gain some viewers by using the trending case.
Jason Momoa was not identified in the list of witnesses prepared and released by Johnny and Amber’s lawyers.
The video is attempt to gain audience and publicity.

In the video, Jason has spoken in support of Johnny and made fun of Amber while the whole courtroom laughed. Making it obvious that the video was created to make people laugh.

It was created by YouTuber GeoMFilms, who obviously targeted what viewers wished to see.

Although, he disclosed that the video is not real but just to make people laugh, somee still believed the video is true.
GeoMFilms is a famous Youtube channel with 122k Subscriber, it makes comedies and reaction videos.

Jason Momoa And Amber Heard News

According to NYpost, The two Aquaman lead actors Jason and Amber obviously had bad chemistry with each other, which almost caused the removal of Heard from the movie sequel.

As most of her on-screen time was removed, the actress said on her trial that she still retains her role.