Jeff Seid Death Hoax: Is he dead or alive? American Bodybuilder

American Bodybuilder,on-line leisure star and Fitness Model, Jeff Seid, is said to be all over the media.

Rumor about Jeff Seid has been all over the media, it was assumed that he recently died which is still not clear if it’s a death hoax.

Who is Jeff Seid American Bodybuilder?

Jeff Seid is a popular American Bodybuilder, health mannequin, and Online leisure star.

On his social media accounts he has a lot of followers and fans and he admired by many.
Jeff’s last post on the social media was September 2021, he hasn’t posted any picture or video of himself since then.

He has more than four million followers on his Instagram account. But since his disappearance on the media his fans and followers are really concerned about his well-being or maybe he is dead.

However on his Instagram, many have posted tributes but others asking if he is dead.

But seeing that he has been inactive in the media is really something to worry about.
There is no Official statement that Jeff is sick or Dead. So the death news are all rumours.

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