Kathleen Munroe Death or Alive? Rina Trenholm Died? Did She Leave FBI

Canadian Actress Kathleen Munroe popularly known as Rina Trenholm has become a subject of death hoax. It was reported that the star actress has allegedly passed away. However this claims are not true, Kathleen Munroe is alive and doing better.

Kathleen Munroe didn’t die, it was her character Rina Trenholm on FBI. Rina Trenholm was shot to death in Tonight’s FBI season 4 episode 9. This is creating chaos amidst the fan of Kathleen.

Kathleen Munroe (Kathleen Marie Sammon Munroe) is currently 39 years of age, as she was born on April 9, 1982. She was raised in Hamilton, Ontario.

What Happened to Rina Trenholm in FBI season 4 episode 9.

At about fifteen minutes into the episode, it was clear that the character was having a brain hemorrhage after what happened with the sniper, and that caused Jubal to take things to another level. When people he cares about are hurt, you know that he’s going to do whatever he can … even crossing lines to make something happen. The next update we got suggested that it was hard to know if she’d make it through the situation or not. Even at the hospital, Jubal didn’t get a whole lot of answers right now. He also had no interest in staying there long-term despite the fact that he was ordered to stay away from the office.

Unfortunately, the investigation into what happened was not easy for any of the agents. There was bureaucratic red tape, for starters, and then targets who were sophisticated and careful.

Here’s the good news – The team were able to catch some of those responsible for the attacks, and there was some resolution to at least part of the case.

Here’s the bad news – There is no confirmation that Rina will be okay. Since Kathleen Munroe’s character was still on life support, we’re not willing to say that she’s gone for good. Yet, we’re preparing ourselves now for a scenario where we could be waiting a good while to get updates. Hopefully, the first episode back will start with at least some sort of news.

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