Lilu Miller Confession About The Ongoing War Between Ukraine And Russia

The war between Ukraine and Russia is still Ongoing and no conclusion is metvom it yet, as it shows that President Putin has a given high alert to the nuclear forces and the nuclear war is creating tensions among the superpowers.

Lilu Miller Onlyfans Model

Lilu Miller is a well-known model, who has made Ukrainian defence platform, where she has been posting a sensual images and exclusive content to to the subscribers. She is famous for posting 18 plus content on social media platforms and now she is requesting her fans for help

In one of her recent post, she video how she has already escaped from her home after Russia invaded and reached to the capital city e and she had to leave her friends a and her house behind. She is now trying to survive in a small village of with her family and she is a trying to tell the supporters that she is moral lesson in a safe position.

Lilu had stated how things are getting out of hand for people over there and she is requesting for 50 dollars per post. But she has not revealed her location or the name of the village she is currently in.

With the ongoing war, the rich and the poor can’t be differentiated, even the Russian billionaires are also in great trouble as a various sanctions has been imposed and for an example the owner of Chelsea football club Roman abramovich is sell the club.

We hope this war comes to a peaceful end.

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