MaveriX Actress Tatiana Goode: Know Everything about her – Wikipedia and Age

Australian Actress, Tatiana Goode is famous for her role in the series MaveriX.

In the series MaveriX, she played the role of Jenny who is determined to be the best rider regardless of anything.

Also, on April 1, 2022 on ABC Me the series was premiered. It’s set to released on May 12, 2022 on Netflix.

Goode has a lot of potentias and her future is full of possibilities in her acting career as a young actress.

Furthermore, Maverix is a 10-part series that is produced by Rachel Clements and Trisha Morton-Thomas at Brindle Films.

Tatiana Goode’s Age

Australian actress, Tatiana Goode who is one the lead cast in MaveriX is 17-year-old although her date of birth has not been disclosed.

Among the 6 teenagers who wants to be motocross riders in the series, Goode is part of them.

Her first movie was a comedy movie titled “A Sunburnt Christmas” directed by Christiaan Van Vuuren, she played the role of Hazel Raley, Daryl’s teenage sister who sees him as an opportunity to get her family back on track.

Other cast members of MaveriX series are Darcy Tadich, Sam Winspear-Schillings, Tjirdm McGuire, Sebastian Tang, Charlotte Maggi, Jane Harber, Rohan Nichol, and Kelton Pell.

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