Meet Dolores Hart: Who is Dolores Hart? What Happened to Her?

OSB, Dolores Hart is an American Roman Catholic Benedictine nun who was formerly an accomplished actress.

In 1957, after her film debut with Elvis she made ten films in five years, including Wild Winds (1957), Creole Kings (1958) and Where are the Boys (1960).

She had become a famous heroine and “shocked Hollywood” by announcing that she was giving up her acting career, giving up her career to enter the Convent of Regina Laudis in Connecticut, where she made a fortune for their Abbey community service, by early 1960s.

She is the only child of actors Bert Hicks and Harriet Hicks, who divorced when she was three. “As a kid, I was very precocious. My parents got married when I was 16 and 17 and they were beautiful people, she stated.

According to her, “Moss Hart gave my mum Harriett a contract but by then they already had me and My dad Bert Hicks, a Bitplayer, definitely a Clark Gable guy, had a movie offer, so he moved from Chicago to Hollywood, I’m a Hollywood kid, he lives in Beverly Hills, I toured the property with him, he There’s a little bit of involvement in Forever Amber. I’ve always wanted to be a part of that life.”

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