Meowbah Face Reveal: What Did Meowbah Do? Age, Discord Link, Twitter, Facebook

Meowbah whose real name is Zoey Stegmann. She is also refers to as Meowbahh, Meowbah, Meow, is a popular YouTuber from the United States who is well-known for her voice, resemblance to PNG users like JellyBean, and extensive use of slurs. Her real name is Zoey Steg. Mann.

She created a YouTube page, and on March 30, 2022, she published her first video. Her very first upload is a clip from a talent show. Later, she produced several YouTube Shorts, most of which were on Minecraft, and she gained notoriety for using stuttering Japlish (a blend of Japanese & English).

Meowbah is a well-known YouTuber yet to reveal her face on social media platforms.

The YouTuber is best known as Minecraft png tuber and TikTok star and is often seen generating TikTok content with graphics as different avatars. Meowbah has further employed PNG themes in her videos.

Zoey’s fans and followers are eager to know what she looks like. Some people do not like Meowbah as they believe that she uploads things, which creates fights among people. She has previously come into the highlight of rumors about her actual identity that has gone viral on the internet.

Many people want to know if Meowbah is really who she says to be or if someone has hacked her. Her face would be one of the most requested videos on YouTube as people worldwide are waiting for her identity.

Meowbah’s Real Name

Meowbah’s real name is Zoey Stegmann. Zoey is currently somewhere around 15-20 years old. She is originally from California. She started her YouTube channel on February 27, 2022, and released her first official video on March 30, 2022.

She is mainly known as a Pngtuber, one of the types of VTuber. She uses her character as an alias and avails it to construct different sorts of things. She was previously seen launching her new discord server, which created a lot of controversies.

As per some reports, Meowbah’s discord account has been banned again. Many people also tried browsing her Discord account.

They said that they joined it intentionally so that they could teach her a lesson, as the YouTuber is seen using many racist comments and does not respect others.

Meowbah’s Net Worth 2022

Meowbah’s net worth is said to be around $1 million in 2022. She is pretty rich as her salary is reported as $3.6K to $57.3K from various YouTube advertisements.

Meowbah’s account is growing very fast, as she has 31.8 thousand followers. She has only uploaded ten videos but still managed to gather public attention. However, she is often seen sharing shorts on her YouTube channel.

The social media personality started making videos on TikTok on March 5, 2022, and was able to attract an audience as soon as she joined.

She gained thousands of fans and followers in a short time. She can be found on the respective site with the username @meowbahh. 

She has posted more than 18 videos on her TikTok account and gained 143.7K followers, whereas her like count is 658.1K. She got into controversies after people found her giving hate speeches on her Discord server. Many users joined her server so they could also troll and spam her as she did.

The YouTuber returned to TikTok on April 3, 2022, and responded to yet another round of Discord inquiries. 

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