Pierra Dagenais’ Accident: What happened to him? Former Professional Canadian Hockey Player

Former Canadian Professional Ice Hockey Player, Pierre Dagenais’s accident rumours have been all over the social Media.

He is known in the National Hockey League, and has also played for the Akwesasne Warriors of the Federal Hockey League.

He was formerly part of the minor ice hockey team from Mille-Îles in Laval, Quebec in his youth and has played games from the team.

In 1991 with the team, he had played Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament.

Pierre Dagenais Accident Rumors

Pierre Dagenais is not involved with any accident neither is he injured. He has lived a good retired life with good health.

Although in 2021, he was involved in an accident which led to some casualties. The accident was not life threatening and he had a quick recovery.

Pierre has been living in private away from the media.