Popular TikToker And Youtuber Welcomes Her first Baby, Rebecca Zamolo Life Explored

Rebecca Zamolo is a popular TikToker and Youtuber, who is known for her comedic sketches on youtube channel, report shows that she has just given birth to her first baby.

Her youtube channel is so popular that she has earned more than 11 million subscribers, she has her main channel, she has a family channel called ‘Matt & Rebecca,’ which she shares with her husband.

She first worked as a sports broadcaster for the University of California, Santa Barbara’s college station, Gaucho News, before pursuing a career online.

She’s a graduate of both communications and sports management at the same time, afterwards, she fell in love with comedy while she was training at the improv club The Second City.

Rebecca Zamolo named her first child Zadie Hope, which she announced the news in a March 12 YouTube video, which showed her having a C-section and then meeting her baby girl.

The YouTube star announced on Instagram in June that she was pregnant after the third round of IVF, where she started looking into fertility treatments about two years ago.

This was after doctors told her that having her colon removed in 2014 as a treatment for ulcerative colitis would make it more difficult for her to conceive naturally.

She became pregnant through IVF months after having a miscarriage when she was nine weeks pregnant.

Her first round of IVF resulted in a chemical pregnancy or early miscarriage, so this was her second loss.

Rebecca underwent a hysteroscopy after her third IVF round to have polyps removed from her uterus to improve her chances of conceiving again.

Later, she had both a female and a male embryo implanted, which resulted in her pregnancy with Zadie.

Rebecca stated that conceiving a child was a difficult process for her because she was met with challenges every step of the way.


Matt Yoakum “Matt Slays” was born in 1980, who is an American musician, lyricist, songwriter, and music producer, and he is 42 years old presently

He is a well-known YouTuber who uploads his videos there. In addition to all of this, he is a director, editor, composer, and cinematographer.

Wife his wife is now 39 years old, born on the 28th of September 1982, and got married in May 2014, after a long term relationship.

Rebecca was born in Arlington, Virginia to Paul and Cathy.

Michael (brother), Jeniffer, Monica, and Lissa are her four siblings (sisters). Rebecca also has three cousins named Maddie, Rachel, and Connor, and she is known to be a Christian.

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