Rocco Galati Coma: Is He Dead or Alive, What Happened to Rocco Galati? Cause of Death and Obituary News

Rocco Galati, 63-year-old resident of Ontario, Canada has become a subject of death hoax after it was revealed that the lawyer is currently admitted to the hospital, dealing with some life threatening crisis. It was further reported that, he is in ICU in medically-induced coma with intubation.

Rocco is considered to be the top Constitutional Lawyer in Canada and also a very loud and obnoxious voice against vaccines and vaccine mandates.

According to report, Constitutional Attorney Rocco Galati is stable and now receiving top care. He is in ICU in medically-induced coma with intubation. Cause is not confirmed. We hope for a speedy recovery for many more days in court.

Rocco Galati is the founder of the Constitutional Rights Center, inc. and has been taking all sorts of legal action both representing plaintiffs against the government, for example Action4Canada a grassroots Freedumb organization, and he was supposed to be helping to defend some anti-vaxx doctors who have been handing out vaccine exceptions like candy.

Rosina Wellmann reporting on Facebook wrote, “Dear Friends,

You may have heard that Rocco Galati is in ICU. This information is correct. He is in stable condition and while his family appreciates everyone’s support and prayers, they are asking for privacy at this time as Rocco works on his recovery.
Just to note… another lawyer from Rocco’s office is overseeing our case so we are in good hands. The media, and others who like to spread poison and cause doubt, are using this opportunity to put a spin on it and are attempting to undermine Rocco but be assured that Rocco has been working very hard to defend ALL Canadians.”



  1. I will pray for Mr. Galati because he is needed in this literal life and death fight that we are all in. When the truth is finally known he deserves to be there to share in the better future we need to build. I will also pray for the writer of this article to be relieved of their “self-induced” coma and realize what is truly happening in the entire world, not just in a little corner in Canada.

  2. Whoever wrote this made a couple stupid comments as far as I’m concerned. Claiming he makes loud obnoxious claims against the pandemic. Because as far as I’m concerned you can take the pandemic and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine we damn well know it’s bullshit. And then you referred to it as a FreeDumb group. Why don’t you just write objectively and keep your stupid comments to yourself

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