Rosa Linn’s Age: Meet the Armenian Singer – Eurovision 2022 Contestant

Armenian singer Rosa Linn who is from Vanadzor city has captured the attention of spectators surrounding Eurovision 2022.

Rosa Linn is participating in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. The singer, instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer is from Vanadzor is a little village in northern Armenia.

How Old Is Rosa Linn?

21-year-old Rosa Linn was born in a town located in the region of Vanadzor, Armenia in May 20, 2000.

She was raised in Armenia and will be attempting to win the competition for Armenia in the same way that Maléna did for Armenia at the most recent Junior Eurovision. All of her songs are written by her.

Rosa Linn began singing and composing songs at when she was 11 to 12 years old.
After competing against a number of other contenders in an internal screening procedure, the young singer emerged victoriously and will now go on to represent Armenia at Eurovision 2022. The name of Linn’s entry for Eurovision 2022 is Snap.

Who Is Rosa Linn?

Popular Armenia singer Rosa Linn is also a songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer who was born in the hamlet of Vanadzor.

She is gifted and skilled with composing songs. she participated in Junior Eurovision to represent the country in the competition.

According to her, she started singing and composing songs when she was 11 to 12 years old in her town wherw there was no connection, money nor resources. All she had was a piano and guitar.

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