What is South Korean Rapper MLMA Real Name? Baek Ye-Jin

Baek Ye-jin popularly known as MLMA is a South Korean-born musician, rapper, and dressmaker.

In 2014, she launched her inventive career after leaving a design place with MIXXMIX.

Her first targets have been to create her mannequin of socks since she believed that almost all fashionable socks have been each of low prime quality or poorly designed.

South Korean Rapper MLMA Real Name Baek Ye-jin

MLMA’ real name was given Baek Ye-jin by her mom and father when she was born. She goes by the alias MLMA.

In 2017, she obtained scorching on Instagram after pioneering the “wavy brows” fad, which was mimicked by Instagram influencers and a Snapchat filter.

MLMA is popularly for the track “although rooted in hip-hop, pull extensively from K-pop and techno music.”

MLMA’s October 2018 monitor “Sweetie,” paper journal praised it by describing it as brimming over with dissatisfied nonchalance… in a laconic, half-rapped tone.
At Paris Fashion Week 2018 Baek walked the runaway whereas carrying a facsimile of her head.


MLMA is probably 30 years old, she was born in 1991/1992 although it’s not yet verified.

MLMA’ Net Worth

MLMA’s web worth is estimated to be roughly 2 million dollars.
Most of her earnings comes from her work as educated rapper.

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