Who is Emily Bridges? Cyclist Wiki, Age, Transgender Athlete, Biography, Net Worth, Cycling

Emily Bridges was born in Wales, Great Britain in 2001 as a male. She is a track cyclist who has competed internationally for Great Britain.

As a male track cyclist, she had last competed in the World Junior Championships 2018, where she came out 6th to finish the race.

She publically came out as a trans woman in October 2020. Taking about her body stats, She is 5 feet 9 inches tall in height and weighs around 143 pounds.

At present, Bridges is active on Instagram with the handle name @emilybridges45_. She has harnassed a total of 2,861 followers on her platform.

Emily Bridges Faces Abuse After PM Boris Johnson’s Statement

The English PM Boris Johnson’s remarks have prompted online abuse of Emily Bridges. She says she has received violent threats in recent days.

The PM shared his view in April 2022 that “Biological Males” should not be competing in women’s sports. His opinion had hit the LGBTQ+ community and had put him in a conflict.

Bridges told the ITV News  Editor Steve Scott that she suffered physical threats after the comments. She said: “It is very difficult to read everything people are saying about you, and it hurts, it hurts.”

She further said: “It’s really strange to see probably the most famous man in Britain talking about you and having an opinion on something that he doesn’t know anything about. The response after that was as expected, I had threats of physical violence made against me by complete strangers online.”

Bridges had continued to race against man until a few months ago. She underwent hormone therapy and her testosterone levels have fallen. As a result, the cyclist wants to compete in the women’s tournament.

While on hormone therapy she had remained competitive against the male and won a gold and bronze.

In March 2022, renowned cyclists threatened not to compete if  Bridges would contest against them. After these, she was not allowed for the National Omnium Championships. Similarly, female contestants had revolted that Bridges will overpower them due to his physical strength.

The real name of  Emily Bridges is Zach Bridges. She was born a biological male on the 4th of January, 2001.

As a man, Bridges has won several national and international competitions.