Who Is Hila Saada? Israeli Actress – Learn About Her Husband And Career

Hila Saada Israeli actress is famous for her roles in the rom-com tv-series Lehiyot Ita also known as Beauty and Baker.

In the series, she plays s central character in the series.

The Beaty Queen of Jerusalem is seem in the new period drama series which is set to premiere on Netflix on May 20, 2022.
She is popular in her country Israel as she has played different roles several tv-series in her career.

She is also a talented singer apart from acting as she has performed live during different events in her country.

Who Is Hila Saada?

Israeli actress Hila Saada is famous for her roles in several Israeli tv series.
She was seen as Vanessa Maimon in the 2013 Israeli tv series Beauty and the Baker.

Based on the bestselling book of the same title written by Sarita Yishai-Levi, which premieres on May 20, 2022, Hila can be seen in the new series The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem.

Hula Saada was born on October 12, 1982 in Migdal HaEmek, Israel. Presently, she is 39 years old.
She is represented by Zohar Yakobson Agency in Israel and Carcelén Management in Spain.
Hila travels the world for shootings and vacation frequently.

Who Is Hila Saada Husband?

Hila Sada is married to Eli Buhris, a data scientist and Transportation Engineer from Israel. They have been made for over ten years now.

Her husband, Eli did his BSc in Transportation and Highway Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and gained his Master’s Degree in Modeling, Virtual Environments, and Simulation from the same University.
Presently, Hila’s husband is a Data Scientist for the company Rekor located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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