Zeus Collins’ Real Name: Age, Family, Net Worth and Girlfriend

Filipino dancer, Zeus Collins has been all over the news after he was seen in a car Scandal with Chie Filomeno, a well-known Filipina entertainer.

The two were seen in an intimate position in a parking lot after they got their at night in a car.

The car is seen parked between a truck and an SUV throughout the parking lot. It was obvious they were being intimate with each other.

The video scandal was shot four years ago but was recently posted on YouTube and Twitter.

However, Zeus in a press conference denied all the rumours in regards to the video scandal.

Details on Zeus Collins age and family

29-year-old Zeus Collins was born on March 19, 1993 in Philippines. His full name is Zeus Collins Arellano is his full determine.
He was born to a Filipino father and mother. He was raised in Rizal, Philippines.

There is no information regarding his educational background since it has not been disclosed.

What is Zeus Collins Net Worth?

As at now, it’s not possible to know his net worth

Who is Zeus Collins Girlfriend?

Zeus’ girlfriend is Pauline Redondo.

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