Ashling Murphy Death: 23-year-old Teacher Beaten to Death, Ashling Murphy Obituary News

Ashling Murphy Death: Ashling Murphy, 22-year-old primary school teacher in Tullamore, Offaly has passed away. Ashling Murphy was allegedly beaten to death when jogging along a canal in Ireland.

Ashling Murphy found dead beside the Grand Canal at Cappincur at around 4pm on Wednesday. Detectives believe the 23-year-old, who died at the scene.

A Facebook User Wrote;

There will be a vigil for Ashling Murphy in Arthur’s Quay Park, on Friday at 6pm in Limerick 🤝
Hi! I have written down my thoughts on the murder of Ashling Murphy. It would be greatly appreciated if ye could publish my words on your page, but please keep my identity anonymous. Here is what I have written:
I am absolutely disgusted and appalled by what happened to Ashling Murphy, in Tullamore, on Wednesday evening.
Firstly, I would like to send my deepest condolences to the family, friends, colleagues, and students of Ashling.
I think I can speak on behalf of all women when I say, attacks such as this should never happen. Unfortunately not only do they happen, but they are becoming increasingly common.
I am a young Limerick woman, in my early 20s. Any time I hear of women being attacked, and murdered, I think ” what if this happens to me next? Or my sister. Or my girlfriend. Or a female friend or relative”.
I am sick to death of having to worry for my safety out in public, as well as the safety of my loved ones. Women should not have to feel scared in public, day or night.
I believe it is important for us women to stick together and support one another.
However, it is also vital that men engage in conversations, about crimes against women.
Women realize that not all men are sexist, and that not all men are murderers and rapists.
However ALL men have the power to help us.
If you are a man and you witness a woman being attacked or mistreated, simply because she is a woman, stand up for her!
Listen to the women in your life. Remind them of how much you love and respect them. To the men who are already standing up for us, thank you. I hope all men who don’t stand up to us, learn to follow by your example.
Crimes against women need to end!