Belmore Shooting Victim Identified: Ramy Iskander, Mahmoud Ahmad’ Nephew

The victim in the Belmore shooting was identified as Ramy Iskander the nephew of Mahmoud ‘Brownie’ Ahmad.

Knox Street, Sydney, faced a deadly shooting incident, where a man named Ramy Iskander became the victim of a gunshot on Saturday morning.

As the police are still investigating the shooting incident, the victim who is Ramy Iskander has been identified taking the case the further.

Who Was Ramy Iskander? Belmore Shooting Victim

Belmore shooting victim, Ramy Iskander is the nephew of an infamous gangster named Mahmoud ‘Brownie’ Ahmad.

After getting severe gunshot wounds in his torso, Ramy died in the hospital. 23-year-old Ramy died from gunshots.

According to people in the neighbourhood, they saw a car speeding in the street while they heard gunshots up to ten.
As Ramy is a nephew of a gangster, the police are investigating if the death and shooting is related to the gangster.
This is the third event of the fatal shooting in the past weeks according to The West

Who Is Ramy Iskander Wife?

Details have not been disclosed by the police concerning the Victim’s personal life Ramy such his family, wife, children and parents.

Ramy died at the age of 23 survived by a wife and two children. However, his only identified family member is Mahmoud Brownie Ahmad a gangster.

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